Blog Backed by Science & Fiction

We humans 👪 have an organ called cognitive bias. Never heard of? For example, no matter how wise a saying is, we are much more apt to accept it as true if we trust the person or group saying it. An obvious fact you can confirm with your best friends. So trust me. This blog is backed by science & fiction. You can definitely crunch through the content and (RSS) follow this blog in an cognitively biased manner.

Read the articles below ⬇ that can assure you in your status quo or push you to learn something new. The author of this blog – Vaclav [ˈvaːtslaf] uses preferably the sources listed in the blogroll and tools 🛠️ to learn from and feed his own cognitive bias. He is also active on Mastodon 🐘 where you can follow him. You can easily filter out 🇬🇧 the Czech 🇨🇿 language or visit other categories.