Born 1983 in Prague, Czechia. Czech 🇨🇿 native, speaks English 🇺🇸 and Spanish 🇪🇸. On the 2002 successfully finished leaving exam at the lyceum. 2011 graduated from the Unicorn University. Let’s connect on LinkedIn. Follow the Mastodon 🐘 profile. Exchange an email. Place a call +420 724 286 737.

Professional summary

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Over 21 years’ experience in #ICT analysis, architecture, sales, delivery and support. A balanced mix of Technical Customer Success Manager, Sales Engineer, Systems & Business Analyst. Infrastructure Engineer, DevOps, DevSecOps. Goal-oriented behaviours and networks of a Head of Technical Sales, Customer Success Lead CIO or CTO. Have worked in start-ups with 5–10 people & large international corporations. So far have directly led smaller teams of ~5 people for more than 5 years with excellent results. Have worked in Technical Sales using #BANT, #SPIN, Challenger Sales, #MEDDIC and many other Solution Sales techniques.

Have used so far Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Salesforce Platform but prefer self-managed PaaS. Have Linux on all machines for 10+ years. Understand software development & delivery via #Agile #SCRUM. Personally code & script with Shell script #Bash, Python, JavaScript. Prefer infrastructure as a code #IaC. Deliver source-code reproducible, Docker based build environments & containerized applications. Host own #Git version control server based on Gitea. Use self-hosted Drone CI & Jenkins for #CI/CD.

Use web services, microservices, CI/CD pipelines & open-source software and hardware where possible. Mostly based on Debian Linux distributions, with #Docker containers, docker-compose or Kubernetes with some GitLab CI/CD on top. Personally manage cloud deployments & self-managed local AMD, ARM or RISC-V based servers, routers & IoT. Daily use Linux terminal mostly via secure shell / #SSH or even UART. Expert on Google Sheets, including many of the Google APIs, Google Apps Script. Can do SQL / NoSQL databases queries like PostgreSQL / MongoDB. Knows BigData tools like Pandas an Polars.

Proficient in networking, DNS, Traefik reverse proxy & load balancing, Let’s Encrypt, NGINX and Apache HTTP Server. Networking experience involves Linux-based routers and firewalls like Mikrotik RouterOS, OpenWRT, pfSense and Debian or Alpine based distributions as routers / WiFi access points. Maintain several Wireguard, OpenVPN & Tailscale meshes. Familiar with REST APIs. Self manage services like this blog, web of my business ICTOI, Mastodon instance, RSS reader, NTFY, PhotoPrism, Plausible, Node-RED, Matrix, Kanboard, Kimai, Apache Guacamole, PeerTube with high availability #HA.

Professional goals

Maintain high technical knowledge. Make time for deep work often. Use open source. Support communities. Be open but value privacy. Be around inspiring people. Learn new skills every day. Get hired for attitude. Become a better person.

Work experience and achievements


Web: AppSatori, Period: June 2024 – present, Places: Prague, Czechia, Contract type: Contractor, Roles & responsibilities: Head of Strategic Partnerships #GoogleCloud #GoogleWorkspace #GCP

Auditor / Stöger & Partner

Web: Auditor, Period: March 2023 – April 2024, Places: Prague, Czechia / Horn, Austria 🇦🇹, Contract type: Project based / contractor, Roles & responsibilities: Internal ICT Audit & Digitalization | Head of Digital #ITAudit #ITOutsourcing #Digitalization

  • Reduced the cost of new on-prem servers by almost 20%, while maintaining the same RTO, RPO and uptime, simply by optimising the required compute power, scope of delivery and redefining the utilisation range for the next 7 years of the server’s life.
  • Fully managed, provisioned continuous upgrade path, process ownerships and support scheme for self-hosted NextCloud instance with more than 600 active users across 200+ active clients (as of 01/24) handling highly available and critical business data with more than 300 customer documents a day.
  • Designed, tendered and managed replacement of old projector & Jabra based conference room set-up with 360° panoramic Meeting Owl cameras and high resolution screens for all 5 Czech meeting rooms.
  • Technically managed the migration from a legacy MS-DOS based payroll system to a new cloud-based SaaS payroll system, preserving the data history for over 2 000 payroll accounts, across 100+ active clients (as of 01/24) while maintaining key client touch points.
  • Executed a company-wide analysis and implementation strategy to migrate all corporate secrets to fully managed, self-hosted password manager to upgrade the organization security and privacy to the next level.
  • Technically managed the renegotiation of the contract for outsourced ICT services for the next couple of years.


Web: Mosaic, Period: November 2022 – January 2023, Places: Prague, Czechia, Contract type: Project based / contractor, Roles & responsibilities: Infrastructure Engineer | Technical Customer Success Consultant | Sales Engineer #AI #ComputerVision #B2B

  • Consolidated, rewrite and restructuralize more than 30 mostly Google Documents, Spreadsheets & Presentations covering completely Mosaic technical documentation. Moving from WYSIWIG document approach to online, self-contained, CI/CD built, Git revision controlled, Markdown based with rich media files and interactive 360° panoramas. Deployed online on a self-documented VPS infrastructure as a code (IaC) stack of Debian Linux, Docker, Traefik, Drone CI, MkDocs, Material for MkDocs & NGINX. Creating a high valuable online asset for technical sales. Ready to serve almost 3 300 unique visitors a day (as of 01/23) at Mosaic Documentation.
  • Streamlined the HubSpot CRM process for lead capture via homepage form, Zapier to HubSpot integration for more automated and organized inbound lead processing.

TrustSoft Cloud

Web: TrustSoft, Period: December 2021 – September 2022, Places: Prague, Czechia, mostly remote role, Contract type: Project based / contractor, Roles & responsibilities: Technical Customer Success Consultant | Senior Consultant & Analyst | Project & People Manager #AWS #Cloud #B2B

  • Managed a team of 5 DevOps Engineers to deliver a scale up project of Atlassian Jira service used by approximately 30 000 users in a world largest pharma company from single node on Amazon EC2 to a multi-node / high-availability architecture using Amazon AWS (ALB, AMI, ASG, EFS, RDS, S3, SG-ALB, SG-EC2, SG-RDS, VPC, Aurora), SonarQube, JFrog Artifactory, Atlassian Jira, Confluence & Crowd, HashiCorp Terraform, Terragrunt, Jenkins / CloudBees, Ansible & Vault, Docker & docker-compose, Git & BitBucket.
  • Reached goal of Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of less than 8 hours and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 8 hours and deliver high availability, fail-over, performance increase, instant scalability, rolling upgrades & disaster recovery by distributing the traffic between multiple Jira nodes, upgrading to the latest Jira Enterprise version, using Terraform for the infrastructure setup, switching to Aurora DB.

Simple Hardware

Web: Simple Hardware, Period: February 2019 – September 2021, Places: Prague, Czechia, travels around the globe 🇯🇵 🇿🇦 🇹🇼 🇲🇽, Contract type: Contractor, Roles & responsibilities: Head of IT / Chief Information Officer (CIO) | Infrastructure Engineer | Co-owner #IoT #AI #ML #B2B2C

  • Co-developed and managed a parallelized hardware & software production line capable of delivering hundreds of devices a day on multiple product lines with central credentials management database that produced more than 53 860 devices (as of 08/2021) using Docker & docker-compose, Node-RED, Segger, UART, JTAG, REST API, PostgreSQL.
  • Deployed and managed product & services documentation and knowledge base on a stack of Linux, Docker, Traefik, MkDocs, Material for MkDocs.
  • Created and managed to deploy and run into production a highly structural, modular & versioned manufacturing documentation based on Markdown & Pandoc to PDF generators for 4 products with tenths of product variants.
  • Co-managed, developed and executed the growth of product portfolio from 1 to 8 products with hundreds of product variants
  • Negotiated #IoT device sales, project implementation & project rollout, presentations and public sales events, business development that helped to push opportunities to the later stages for the following clients: Generali Česká pojišťovna, Direct pojišťovna, Kyocera Communication Systems (KCCS), Japan and many others.
  • Directly sold and/or directly helped in a team to increase the number of B2B partners from 0 to 419 (as of 05/2020) in more than 60 countries around the globe in less than 2 years.
  • Prepared and updated sales and marketing presentation that have been used in sales process for key clients and channel partners all over the globe.
  • Organized and personally processed on site Japanese TELEC certification for 4 core radio products.
  • Co-managed and executed successful Simple Hardware seed funding campaign via Fundlift platform for 6M CZK (~265k USD) extended to 200% of the original target to 12M CZK (~530k USD) funded by 323 investors.

SimpleCell Networks / HELIOT Europe

Web: Sigfox, Period: February 2017 – February 2019, Places: Prague, Czechia / Lausanne, Switzerland 🇨🇭, Contract type: Contractor, Roles & responsibilities: Head of Sales (CSO) | Technical Customer Success Consultant | Sales Engineer #IoT #B2B

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Polska

Web: PwC, Period: November 2014 – January 2017, Places: Prague, Czechia / Warsaw, Poland 🇵🇱, Contract type: Contractor, Roles & responsibilities: Technical Delivery Lead | Sales Engineer | Business Development Manager #Cloud #B2B


Web: Netmail (now Revolgy), Period: May 2013 – December 2014, Places: Prague, Czechia, Contract type: Contractor, Roles & responsibilities: Technical Customer Success Consultant | Sales Engineer | Google Apps Script Lecturer #Google #Cloud #B2B

  • Introduced and conducted new Google Apps Script Training service that contributed 7 900 USD to revenue in less than 2 quarters of year 2014.
  • Prepared and maintained see-think-do driven sales and marketing presentation templates that have been used in sales process for key clients and served as personalized offers by all sales representatives within Netmail.
  • Directly presented in more than 30 board member meetings / wide C-level audience presentations for the biggest Czech companies.
  • Directly sold and/or directly helped in a team that increased a number of unique sold domains of Google Workspace from 140 on 5/2013 to 390 on 7/2014 and a number of sold subscriptions from 5 000 on the May 2013 to 20 300 on the July 2014.
  • Trained more than 140 participants in Google Apps Script, Google APIs and Google Spreadsheets for top Czech companies like: Česká spořitelna, Veolia, Copy General, Economia, BTL, etc.
  • Negotiated subscriptions, implementation & change management contracts, product and application development that helped to acquire or deliver products and services to the following clients: Česká spořitelna, Kofola, CZC, H1, Donauchem, ANNONCE, Wine Food Market, FG Forrest, Centrum Holdings, etc.

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